11 Jul 2014

The IARU HF Championship

The IARU HF Championship takes place from 12:00 Saturday
12th to 11:59 UTC Sunday 13th July. There are CW-only,
SSB-only and mixed-mode classes on the 6 contest bands
from 160-10m, with HP, LP (150w) and QRP (5w) sections.

Rules at

Work everyone. Exchange ITU Zone (or Society
initials from IARU Society HQ stations). 
The Zone for UK and Ireland is 27.

This year, 2014, the contest coincides with WRTC,
the World Radio Team Championship, being held in
New England. Look out for the 59 teams using
1×1 call signs starting with W, K, or N (for
example W1D). There are awards for working all
59 teams.

There is a real-time scoreboard showing the scores
for each pair of operators, but not the actual
three- character calls in use, at

Mults are Zones by band, but not separately by mode,
and HQ stations by band. In effect, HQ stations are
country mults.

Good luck to all Teams involved and enjoy the conditions on the bands.


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