27 May 2014

M0XII/P - UKAC 50Mhz Contest - May

The May UKAC 50Mhz Contest from locator square IO91MP was expected to be an exciting one with regards to propagation this time of year on the 50Mhz band, naturally the Sproadic E propagation largely disappeared as the contest started. Unfortunately I was late starting this contest as I got caught up in London's rush hour traffic which made it a complete nightmare to get to the site for 19:00UTC. Finally I got setup and started the contest at 19:25UTC unfortunately I missed the first run of QSO's between 19:00 & 19:25UTC which is usually very intense period of the contest as everyone is piling up on top of each other to give away points whilst trying to find free run QRG's to start their contest. This month the weather conditions were dreadful at the site with temperatures down to 8-9 degrees Celsius and with very heavy rain including fog for the start of the contest meant putting together the station dissatisfying and extremely difficult which lead to moments where I stood back and asked myself "Why am I doing this again!?!" :-)  

As for activity and band conditions in this month's contest I did find it difficult to break through the wall of stations within the IO83 / IO93 squares with only one contact within IO94 square, this was somewhat disappointing as hearing the regulars in GI/GD/GM for multipiers was unfortunately not happening for me so again I started to question my antenna and setup etc. Once the fog had cleared I observed many of the trees at the site which have now become fine and leafy towards the North and West which made me question were my signals actually being reflected or was it just down to tough conditions. I would like to say a big thank you to all stations who persisted with great patience on geting into my log as band conditions seemed to fade out and become quiet around 20:40UTC. At this point I reverted to CW during this period and was delighted that some other stations did the same, I managed 4 QSO's on CW and if the other stations were like me "delighted to have worked them" it certainly made the final stages of the contest a lot more pleasant. 

This month I finished the contest with a claimed score of 82 QSO's and 11 Multiplier squares and a total of 103,499 points with only 3 DXCC entities worked, certainly down on previous months results but it was great to catch Paul ON6NA on the band in JO11VF Square as my furthest DX of 332Km, I thought there may have been a run of EU stations at that time but conditions died out very fast. Once again Thanks to all stations for the points and multipliers this month it was very much appreciated.

My working conditions again was the same as last month an FT847 Transceiver with 100 watts into a 5 Element Yagi up only about 15 foot from ground.

Here's a map of the QSO's made during the contest:

Looking forward to working you all again in the next UKAC contest.


5 May 2014

50MHz UKAC April 2014 Results

The Following is from Roger - G4BVY

There was a slightly reduced number of entries, 186, this month. There were 321 active stations in 26 UK squares and 6 non-UK squares. Although most entrants commented that the conditions were flat to poor, activity, multiplier totals and the distances worked all saw an increase. This month M1MHZ (IO92) and G4TSW (IO80) worked 19 squares, M0WLF (IO81) worked 17 squares and GI4SNA (IO64), M0GVG/P (IO83), G3VCA (IO93) and M0VXX/P (IO82) all worked 16 squares. Three Sporadic E QSOs took place with the best DX going to GI4SNA who worked S57RR at 1721 kms. The best tropo contact was between M0XII/P (IO91) and EI9JU at 572kms. There were 39 tropo QSOs greater than 400kms. The adjudication saw 5.7% of QSOs disallowed with RST mis-copies the greatest source of error followed by locator errors.

So looking at the table for the last four month I've still managed to maintain 4th position out of 174 entries so far within the restricted section, hopefully band conditions will improve with some nice Sporadic E & Tropo for the May 50MHz UKAC at 20:00 local time on Tuesday 27th May 2014.

Look forward to working you on the air in the next contest. ;)


2 May 2014

UK & EI Contest Club

The UKEICC are pleased to announce that the free sign-up for membership of the club is now open. The club exists to encourage and improve HF contesting across the British Isles and Ireland. If you would you would like to join up then please follow this link and sign-up.


You can also check out their FAQ page using the link below


I'm not a member of this Club as of yet as I really hope they reconsider the VHF/UHF contester.
I must say that I do enjoy HF contesting as it was actually where I learnt about the world of Radio Sport.
I will say this though, nothing prepares you more for radio contesting than a nice pile up within the white noise under heavy QRM/QRN on any of VHF/UHF bands, where propagation can disappear in any moment and you have to copy a lot more information than on most HF contests such as a Callsign, RST + Serial + "Locator" in some contests in the UK even a Postcode. The extra bit of info is mostly the maidenhead Locator and this info is 99% of the time different for every contact and essential for you to get correct to secure a 100% QSO.
Most HF contests are 59(9) + Serial and maybe a CQ / ITU zone or a IOTA number which is predicted in most logging Softwares nowadays. I personally think you need extra skills to be a VHF/UHF contester, fair enough the number of OSO's or distances may not be the same but certainly the challenges far outweigh some of the HF contests that I have been on.

I hope this club manages to achieve what it sets out to achieve in the FAQ's at least another voice and media source for contesters and contest promotion can only be a good thing.

73's DE EI5IX / M0XII - Pat