18 Jan 2016

IRTS Contest Rules 2016 Updated

Following consultation with contesters, the committee has decided to update the IRTS contest rules in two areas.

The first area relates to remote stations: these are permitted under the existing rules, however there were no guidelines as to acceptable use. The new General Contest Rules specify a number of limitations on remote operation in our contests, including the fact that the operator must be physically in the same DXCC entity as the remote station, also remote transmitters or receivers outside the station location are not permitted.

The second area dealt with in the latest amendments to the Rules is the use of the DX Cluster. Recognising that the cluster is generally accepted and used in VHF/UHF contests, the Rules now permit the use of the cluster in VHF/UHF Field Day, however the cluster may not be used for posting messages or arranging skeds, nor is self-spotting or asking to be spotted permitted. The prohibition on cluster use for other contests remains.

See www.irts.ie/contests for the full contest calendar and rules.

73's DE EI5IX / M0XII - Pat