30 Jun 2014

RSGB 50MHz Contest CW

Entered the RSGB 50MHz CW contest yesterday the 29th of June at 09:00- 12:00 UTC under the Middlesex DX Group callsign "M0MDG/P" from locator IO91MP.
John G0KLX from the Middlesex DX group joined me up on the hill were we put together our Portable setup, FT847 with 100W and a 5 Element Tonna Yagi about 4 meters off the ground.

There was Poor conditions on the 6M band with very little Tropo and also UK activity was down, Thank god for some sproadic E propagation to keep us on our toes, we entered the Open section as it was for Portable stations and finished up the contest with a claimed score of 37 QSO's 17,118 Points and "4Z5SG" as our ODX of 3618Km. 
Here is a map of our QSO's:

The Results came out for this contest recently and we cam in 2nd place with 34 confirmed QSO's and 14'029 points with an ODX of 3618km with 4Z5SG  in the Open section delighted with this entry as it was our first time entering this contest and well worth the effort.

It was great fun being out with John and on 50Mhz CW we really enjoyed our first CW entry from the Middlesex DX group, looking forward to the next one. 73's :-)

24 Jun 2014

M0XII/P - UKAC 50Mhz Contest - June

The June UKAC 50Mhz Contest on the 24th from locator square IO91MP was reasonably okay with regards to propagation, Sproadic E's disappeared right before the contest started 19:59:59 :( Activity on the band was up on previous months and was great to hear a few extra multipliers on the band. I still struggle to get GM/MM stations from 91 Square may have to look into a larger antenna for 50MHz.  

This month I finished the contest with a claimed score of 100 QSO's and 15 Multiplier squares and a total of 198,735 points with 4 DXCC entities worked. It was really nice to catch David GI4SNA on the band in IO64XM Square as my furthest ODX of 466Km, I have worked David a few times and even from my Irish QTH but this was the first QSO on 6M under my UK call sign. Once again a big Thank you to all stations for the points and multipliers this month it was very much appreciated.

My working conditions was an FT847 Transceiver with 100 watts into a 5 Element Tonna Yagi up about 4m from ground.

Here's a map of the QSO's made during the contest:

23 Jun 2014

G8T - 50Mhz Trophy Contest from IN79JX

On June 21st & 22nd the RSGB & IARU R1 - 50 MHz International Trophy Contest took place. I was active with The BlackSheep Contest and DX Group under the callsign "G8T" from Locator square IN79JX. I arrived on site on Friday morning and helped the Team put together our station for the weekend.

Band conditions were moderate on the Saturday but then died away on the Sunday morning with almost no conditions on the band but we managed to land "5B4AIG" as our ODX of 3562Km. 
We finished up the Contest with a claimed score of 606 QSO's and 238 Multipliers totaling 159,358,612 points.

I was operating a big pile up on 50MHz and managed to get 102 QSOs Logged in an hour. 

It was an amazing adrenaline rush :-)

Results came out of this contest and we came in 1st place with 577 confirmed QSO's and 638'339 points with an ODX of 3'562Km with 5B4AIG

I got to say a big Thank you to the guys of the Blacksheep Contest group for inviting me along to contest with them. (Pic L>R: Rohan SWL, Stephen G4SHF, Tim G4LOH with the 50Mhz Telford Trophy from 2013, Mike G8TIC and Matt G0XDI including myself with Shackle the Blacksheep mascot) It certainly was a fantastic experience and great weekend with an excellent contest group. Looking forward to the next one. 73's ;-) 

18 Jun 2014

RSGB & IARU 50Mhz Trophy Contest.

This weekend June 21st & 22nd is the RSGB & IARU R1 - 50 MHz International Trophy Contest. I will be active this weekend with The BlackSheep Contest and DX Group under the callsign "G8T"  from Locator square IN79JX and I do hope to give a bash to CW and SSB on the magic band so hopefully conditions will hold up for the weekend and if you hear us on the band sure feel free to give us a shout it would be great to work you on the air.

G8T - 50Mhz Trophy Contest 16th & 17th June 2012.

G8T - 50MHz Trophy Contest 19 June 2011 Working the US.

73's DE EI5IX / M0XII - Pat

16 Jun 2014

Transatlantic 144Mhz (2m) attempt by VC1T Canadian amateurs between 4th - 12th July 2014.

The final updated operating schedule of the 144 Mhz (2M) Transatlantic Brendan Trophy attempt from Pouch Cove Newfoundland this summer by station VC1T can be accessed on http://www.brendanquest.org/

Many mission critical changes are included. VC1T will be using WSJT modes, CW and SSB. It is necessary that EU operators follow the operating protocol closely to enhance the chance of success. Other information sources, such as Facebook, are specified through the webpage. Continuing updates and operating information during the attempt will be found on the Brendan Quest webpage and realtime on ON4KST 144/132 chat.

10 Jun 2014

Sligo 2m voice repeater

Sligo Amateur Radio Club is pleased to announce that a new 2m voice repeater, EI2TKR, has been installed back on Truskmore Mountain in Co Sligo (IO54TI).

Channel RV56 (R4).
Output Frequency 145.700MHz
Input frequency 145.100MHz.
CTCSS only 77Hz.

As a new antenna location is being used, the Club would appreciate signal reports and these can be sent to either EI7CS or EI8BEB.

Source: IRTS

73's DE EI5IX / M0XII - Pat