8 Jan 2010

Happy New Year

Hey I would like to wish every one who views my site a happy and prosperious 2010, it's been too long since I updated this site. I made a new years resoultion to update more often from now on, actually I have no excuse really because now I have it at my finger tips with this wonderful little app from BlogPress on the iPhone.

Okay what have I been up to over the last while, well I have moved to London in the UK and started my new role over here with a company called Arqiva (http://www.arqiva.com/) who operates at the heart of the broadcast and mobile communications industry and at the forefront of network solutions. The company provides much of the infrastructure behind television, radio and wireless communications throughout the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe and the USA. I work in the satellite and media department for our clients ESPN.

Here are some photos of our uplink and downlink dishes;

Some Uplink Dishes

Some Up & Downlink dishes

As I'm sure everyone is aware by now through various news reports it is freezing here in the UK actually lastnight was supposed to be the lowest recorded temperature in years close to -21 in parts of Scotland and down in London it was -9 where I live so the words birrrrrrr come to mind!

Back to things more to do with Radio, unfortunatly I don't have a setup as of yet over here but I'm working on that as I'm thinking HF is out of the equation especially with noise levels over here so i'm looking down the road of remote, or VHF / UHF. I actually came across a very interesting article by Ulf Larsson SM0LCB / SM7LBC in a free online Amateur radio magazine which is in the links below under HAM MAG.

I found this article very interesting because of the simplicity of the system, which i didn't realise how easy it actually is to be able to set up a remote system, I could avail of the antennas and radio at the Home QTH and never miss that rare DX.
I will research into this more and update my findings here.

I really miss being active on the airwaves so piority is get set up over here on VHF/UHF and go from there. Hope to hear you on the air soon.

Till next time and hopefully it won't be as long all the best and mind yourself!

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