3 Apr 2017

20th GMDX Convention Saturday April 1st 2017 and GM6NX Club Station Visit

The 20th GM-DX Convention was on Saturday 1st April 2017 with over 100 day-time attendees and 80 for the GM-DX Dinner that evening. I always enjoy going to the GMDX convention as it has an even balance of Socialising along with very interesting Talks. This year Olof G0CKV shared his adventures to 3B9HA Rodriguez Island and interesting insights into antenna selections for various contests done from there then Chris G3SVL followed with a talk where he shared his experience with the ZL7G Team on Chatham Island in which they received a GM-DX quaiche for their excellent Dx-pedition. After a short break John G3WGV did a great talk on SDR's with knobs on which left me thinking that the future is really bright for this hobby and it could get really interesting in another few years with SDR Technology. To finish off the Programme for the day the final talk was done by Dave EI9FBB on the EI DX Groups recent Dx-pedition to 9N7EI in Nepal.

Rob GM3YTS welcomes visitors to the GM-DX Convention.

Chris G3SVL and Olof G0CKV with Chris's VHF raffle prize.

John G3WGV demonstrates his "SDR with knobs on".

Dave EI9FBB giving a Talk on 9N7EI from Nepal.

Chris G3SVL and Nigel G3TXF receive a GM-DX quaiche from Rob GM3YTS for the 2016 ZL7G Chatham Island DX-pedition.

Dave EI9FBB receives GM-DX trophy quaiche from Rob GM3YTS for DX Excellence.

It was fantastic event over all and it was really nice to meet up with new and familiar faces, there was even some mighty craic had at the GM-DX Dinner and Hotel Bar afterwards down into the small hours of the morning with some hilarious moments being shared throughout. Thanks to Nigel G3TXF for some excellent photos and I'm looking forward to seeing you all again next year at the GMDX Convention.

GM6NX Club Station Visit 

The morning after the night before... Dave EI9FBB, Col MM0NDX and I decided to go visit the crew (Billy GM0OBX, Hugh GM0UYE, Jonathan MM0OKG and Steve 2M0EVS) up at the GM6NX club station and have the craic up there for a while.

"S9 DXR" = DX-World automobile.

Dave EI9FBB squeezing into "S9 DXR" before our adventures to GM6NX.

 Some QSL cards on the wall of Fame at GM6NX Club Station.

New desk layout in the station, very comfortable layout I might add.
160m & 80m full-size Verticals with an OB 9-5 Yagi 

Hugh GM0UYE was having a lot of fun working Meteor scatter on 6M.
another OB-9-5 in the Background

2ele Yagi on 40m and vertical for 2m/70cm.

There was Bacon and Black Pudding Rolls being made and Iron Bru being drank it was also great to go back again to the club a year later and see all the recent shack upgrades that had being carried out and even watching Jonathan MM0OKG and Steve 2M0EVS dig out the base of a new tower for a new project at the station. This certainly is a fantastic club station with a real vibrant feel about it and certainly well worth a visit if your ever in the area. Thanks again to a great bunch up there I'm looking forward to going back again soon. 

27 Mar 2017

CQWPX SSB Contest - March 25 &26th 2017

Call: EI7M
Station: EI7M

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Cork
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: Northern Europe

Great contest, we had an intense battle with several stations throughout the weekend, including E7DX and IR4M on "live scores" which adds another exciting dimension to the contest! It was a difficult weekend with poor propagation and very crowded LF bands, but we had a good strong finish on 20m. Thanks to all for the QSO's, see you in the next one. 73 

19 Mar 2017

Silent Key – Donnacha EI6HQ

The death has occurred of Donnacha Brosnan EI6HQ, of Rahoon, Galway and formerly of Killarney Rd, Castleisland. Donnacha passed away on 17th March at University Hospital Galway. He was a former member of the Kerry Amateur Radio Group. He will be sadly missed by his family and many friends.

May he rest in peace

6 Mar 2017

ARRL DX Contest, SSB - March 4th & 5th 2017

It was the first time that I've entered this contest and I was fortunate to operate this contest from my home country of EI from the fantastic station that is EI7M, Conditions including weather for this contest was pretty poor for us over the weekend and we were unable to put the 40m Yagi at full height due to high winds which impacted our score on this band but saying this 20m was quiet interesting with some very good runs across North America at times. Murphy even appeared over the weekend with various gremlins showing up leaving a list for a very busy time ahead preparing the station for CQ WPX at the end of the month. 

Overall I had a great weekend and I'd like to thank the Team at EI7M (John EI8IR, Neil EI3JE, Mark EI3KD, John EI7IG and Dan EI3JZ) for inviting me along for the weekend it was certainly a fantastic experience and great to contest alongside you guys and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Here's how we go on over the weekend at EI7M.

21 Jan 2017

9N7EI – Nepal 2017 DX-pedition

Members of the newly formed EI DX Group are delighted to announce an exciting project to Nepal during March 8th to 20th 2017.

For the 1st time, this all ‘Echo India’ DXpedition team EI2II, EI2JD, EI4GZB, EI5GM, EI5IQ, EI5IX, EI6FR, EI9FBB, EI9HQ, EI9HX, EI9KF, all will operate up to 5 stations continuously for 9 consecutive days on all bands and modes from 80m through 10m.

To find out more:

Mount Everest, Nepal. Author - Rolf Sigmund.

24 Dec 2016