3 Jun 2016

CQWW WPX Contest CW, May 28th & 29th 2016

Call: EI5IX
Operator: EI5IX
Station: EI5IX

Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP
QTH: Westport, Co. Mayo
Operating Time (hrs): 32hr

Band  QSOs

160:    0
80:     102
40:     322
20:     440
15:     171
10:     25

Total: 1060 Prefixes = 606
Total Score = 1,373,196

EI5IX Shack 

Cushcraft X7 Tri Bander

40m Vertical

20m/15m/10m Vertical

40m Dipole

80m Dipole


I arrived in Ireland just 2 days before the contest where I had to build the station from scratch, a massive thank's goes out to my Dad EI9JA for helping me build the station for the weekend, I must say this was a difficult contest with only 100w as band conditions were hard at the best of times and unfortunately there was bad propagation on high bands too with low activity from North America. Thanks to all for the QSO's over the weekend and I hope to see you in the next contest. 

Vy 73!