30 Jun 2014

RSGB 50MHz Contest CW

Entered the RSGB 50MHz CW contest yesterday the 29th of June at 09:00- 12:00 UTC under the Middlesex DX Group callsign "M0MDG/P" from locator IO91MP.
John G0KLX from the Middlesex DX group joined me up on the hill were we put together our Portable setup, FT847 with 100W and a 5 Element Tonna Yagi about 4 meters off the ground.

There was Poor conditions on the 6M band with very little Tropo and also UK activity was down, Thank god for some sproadic E propagation to keep us on our toes, we entered the Open section as it was for Portable stations and finished up the contest with a claimed score of 37 QSO's 17,118 Points and "4Z5SG" as our ODX of 3618Km. 
Here is a map of our QSO's:

The Results came out for this contest recently and we cam in 2nd place with 34 confirmed QSO's and 14'029 points with an ODX of 3618km with 4Z5SG  in the Open section delighted with this entry as it was our first time entering this contest and well worth the effort.

It was great fun being out with John and on 50Mhz CW we really enjoyed our first CW entry from the Middlesex DX group, looking forward to the next one. 73's :-)

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