8 Jul 2014

RSGB VHF National Field Day 2014

The weekend of Saturday & Sunday 5th /6th of July 2014, I ventured out and about with the Middlesex DX group in the VHF National Field Day.

We were operational on 6m, 4m, 2m & 70cm from Locator Square "JO00EW" under the call-sign "M0MDG/P".
We arrived on site on the Friday at 15:00BST and began to set up our portable stations, weather conditions were amazing on the Friday with the sun beaming down on us as we constructed the stations for the contest starting the Saturday at 14:00UTC. Once the stations were put together and tested on the Friday evening Jason M1PRO fired up the BBQ and a tasty meal washed down with a few beers was enjoyed by all.
Saturday Morning everyone was up bright and early in contest mode and once breakfast was had by all and the final tweak's made to the stations it was suddenly 14:00UTC... CQ Contest!!!

I had the pleasure of operating with Carl 2E1IDC on 50 MHz. Simon MW0TBI along with Steve G1OFW operated on 144MHz and John G0KLX with Jason M1PRO operated on 432MHz.

Once 50MHz had finished at 22:00UTC we had to dismantle the station and build the 70MHz setup for the next morning at 08:00UTC. The Guys continued to operate on 144MHz and 432MHz late into the night but as we had very heavy rain and wind in the South East of England over the Saturday night we decided to close down the 144MHz & 432MHz stations as activity almost disappeared. The weather made sleeping in Tents not very pleasant however we struggled on through and managed to get some much needed sleep for the next morning. Everyone was up bright and early and we even got to work the early morning DX into Europe with was greeted with smiles all around once w e Put the finishing touches to the 70MHz station and before we knew it 08:00UT was upon us. 6 hours past and the contest was over at 14:00UT on Sunday afternoon, very weary and tired contest operators then began to disassemble the stations and packed up for our 3 hour journey back home to London.
We finished up the contest with a claimed score and an entry into the Restricted section with the following:

50Mhz (6m):
110 QSO's - 34'294 Total Points with an ODX of 2386Km with SZ8LSV

70Mhz (4m):
63 QSO's - 13'245 Total points with an ODX of 694Km with GM4ZUK/P

144MHz (2m):
230 QSO's - 69'396 Total points with an ODX of 814Km with DK2CF

432MHz (70cms):
85 QSO's - 19'090 Total points with an ODX of 739Km with EI9JA

50MHz (6m) Setup

70MHz (4m) Setup

144MHz (2m) Setup

432MHz (70cms) Setup

I have got to thank the Middlesex DX group (G0KLX, MW0TBI, M1PRO, G1OFW & 2E1IDC) for inviting me along to contest with them for the VHF NFD contest I really enjoyed the weekend it was great craic and certainly looking forward to the next one.

73's DE EI5IX / M0XII - Pat

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