10 Jul 2014

50MHz UKAC June Results 2014

The number of entries dropped slightly to 169 as we enter the summer holiday season. Thirty one squares were active which is the highest of the year. (A total of 33 squares have been activated during 2014). This sounds like a repeat of May as the Sporadic-E was dying as the contest started! There were 47 Es QSOs into CT, F, EA, EA6 and EA9. Eighty percent of these were in the first 30 minutes and the final one was at 20:12. Many stations commented that they no Sporadic-e at all. With the high number of active squares, multiplier totals were high with M1MHZ (IO92) working 22 squares, G8XVJ/P (IO93) 21 squares and GI4SNA (IO64) and G3PYE/P (JO02) 18 squares. The best Sporadic-Es contact was between G4LKD (IO93) and EA9PY at 2010 kms and the best tropo contact was between G4RRA (IO80) and GM4ZUK/P (IO86) at 692kms. Adjudication disallowed 5.2% of QSOs with callsigns causing the most difficulty this month.
Roger - G4BVY

I have moved up into 3rd Place so far out of 200 entrants within the restricted section, I am looking forward to the next contest July 50MHz UKAC at 2000 local time on Tuesday 22nd July 2014.

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