9 May 2016

RSGB – 432MHz Trophy Championship Contest May 2016

On May 7th the RSGB - 432 MHz Trophy Championship Contest took place from 14:00UTC – 22:00UTC. This was an 8 hour event and the contest ran concurrently with the first few hours of an IARU / RSGB 24 hour UHF contest. This year I was out active with The BlackSheep Contest and DX Group under the callsign "G8T" from Locator square JO01KJ. 

There was a lot of preparations made for this contest so we arrived on the site Friday with half the group and started put together our station for the Saturday. Weather conditions was fantastic throughout the weekend on the Isle of Sheppey with temperatures up into the twenties, Matt G0XDI, Bill M0BTZ, Andy M0MUX and Nick G4FAT worked all day Friday and finally got all antenna systems built and Tested by Saturday afternoon just in time for the start of the contest at 14:00UTC.

The Band conditions this year was variable with lot's of QSB and a high noise floor that certainly didn’t help things but all in all it was a good weekend.

We finished up the contest with a claimed score of 109 QSO’s 34,137 points and our ODX was DL7AFB at 824Km.

 G8T Station (4x17ele @ 20m + 2x21ele @ 20m )

Matt G0XDI operating and myself looking on...

Bill M0BTZ & myself in the heat of Battle

Thanks to all for the QSO's hope to work you in the next contest, GL & 73

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