1 May 2016

IRTS 40m Counties Contest

The IRTS 40 Metres Counties Contest takes place Sunday, 8th May from 12:00 to 15:00 UTC. The objective for EI and GI stations is to make as many contacts as possible during the 3 hour period (work everyone), and for those outside Ireland, to make as many contacts as possible with EI and GI stations. EI and GI counties are multipliers.

The contest has Fixed and Portable sections, with two mode options: SSB Only or SSB/CW. There is also an SWL section. Those planning to operate in the portable sections should familiarise themselves with the "Requirements for Portable Section Entries" in the rules. To encourage more CW operation in the mixed mode sections, there is a final score bonus of 1,000 points for any entry that includes at least 10 valid CW QSOs with EI or GI stations; note also that there is a suggested CW "centre of activity" of 7022.

See www.irts.ie/contests for the full rules, which include specified frequency ranges within the 40 metre band for this contest. Awards are available in each section for the leading Irish station and for the leading station outside Ireland.

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