6 Feb 2016

IARU Region 1 - 2016 Interim Meetings

Interim meetings of IARU Region 1 Committee 4 (HF and bands below 3 MHz), Committee 5 (VHF and bands above 300 MHz) and Committee 7 (Electromagnetic Compatibility) will take place in Vienna, 15th to 17th April 2016. Committees 4 and 5 address spectrum management, band-planning and operational activities such as IARU-R1 contest rules and associated matters.

Amateur licensees in Ireland are encouraged to review the documents submitted and provide comments to the IRTS representatives who will attend the meetings. An overview of the documents is provided on the IRTS web-site at www.irts.ie/iaru-vienna.

Also provided are full details of where to download the documents and how to comment. Please provide any comments you may have by 29th February 2016."

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