19 Oct 2015

IRTS Contest Calendar and Rules

The IRTS contest calendar for 2016 includes a number of changes from previous years.

As signalled in the latest issue of Echo Ireland, the 80 metres Summer counties contest has been dropped, but an additional 40 metres contest, to be held in the Autumn, has been added.

In addition, we will be running two one-hour evening 80 metres counties contests - an SSB contest in February and a CW event in November.

The contest rules have been updated. The updates include two principal changes: firstly, the requirement to pre-register Field Day contest stations has been dropped. Secondly, a bonus arrangement to encourage greater emphasis on CW is being introduced for the mixed mode sections of the HF counties contests.

Look at www.irts.ie/contests for the 2016 calendar and rules.

73's DE EI5IX / M0XII - Pat

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