22 Oct 2014

The SSB CQ World Wide DX Contest 2014

This weekend the 25th & 26th of October is the CQ World Wide DX Contest on SSB. 
The contest Starts: 0000 UTC Saturday 25th and Ends: 2359 UTC Sunday 26th

I will be active this weekend with Wisbech Amateur Radio Club under the callsign "G2F" located on the East coast of England in the district of Cambridgeshire.

I'm hoping to give a bash to SSB on the HF bands throughout the weekend so hopefully conditions will prevail, if you hear us on the air do feel free to give us a shout as it would be great to work you over the weekend. Good Luck to all participants involved in the contest and most of all have fun on the bands and a fantastic weekend contesting.


1 comment:

James Balls said...

Will be good to meet you at the weekend Pat :)

Hope the bands hold up and the flare don't spoil things

Jim M0CKE (G2F)