28 Oct 2014

The Aftermath of CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB 2014

The following is from Jim M0CKE:

Call: G2F
Operator(s): M0CKE M0CHK M0XII M0NKR G0FHM
Station: G2F

Class: M/2 HP
QTH: Wisbech
Operating Time (hrs): 48

Band QSOs Zones Countries
160:    198       8        41
80:      456      14       69
40:      837      21       92
20:    1317      37      124
15:    1184      36      115
10:    1593      34      138
Total: 5585 150 579 Total Score = 7,755,831

Club: Wisbech Amateur Radio & Electronics Club


After a plea on the UK contest reflector for operators we were joined by Pat
M0XII (EI5IX) and Andy M0NKR both looking for a SSB seat for 2014 :) .. Friday got off to a good start with nice weather setting up the station, setup was complete when the rain came and along with it the realisation that the 6x2 antenna switch was not working .. after diagnosis a trip to maplin for some 4011 IC's and 2N3906 transistors we finally got the switch working at about 2000hrs .. Pat and Andy tested the station and all was looking good. This is first time we have entered the M2 category in SSB and really didn't know what to expect from our QTH. Contest started slow with conditions on 40 and 80 being hard to say the least with crammed band and poor signal quality as expected, we just ploughed on, working what we could hear, doing some s&p when run rates had dropped and changed bands when conditions seemed to allow, not a winning strategy but we all had fun, ate lots of good food and had a few beers too :) 
I'm really pleased with how the contest went for our first attempt with very modest antennas and power allowed in the UK, although the aging hunter 1000 amp on station 2 decided to track over on the band switch on 80m band with couple hours to go .. so Pat stopped on 20m and 40m with station 2 .. We seemed to have a flare hit us about 2100hrs causing the bands to become real hard work with very high noise levels and fading signals.

2 x Elecreaft K3's, Acom 1000, Hunter 1000, N1MM Logger+, 5B4AGN Filters, 6x2
Ant switch, 3ele SteppIR @ 60ft, KT34A @ 60ft, 1/4 waver vert 40m & 80m, inverted L for 160m. K9AY for LF RX.

Thanks to everyone that called us! :)
Jim M0CKE 

I got to say I certainly enjoyed this contest and thanks to the Jim M0CKE and Andy M0CHK for giving me the opportunity to join them in this contest, I'm Looking forward to CQWW CW back in EI (Ireland) at the end of November, more updates to come on that station in the coming weeks.

73's to all :)



73's DE EI5IX / M0XII - Pat

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