22 Apr 2014

M0XII/P - UKAC 50Mhz Contest - April

April's UKAC 50Mhz Contest from locator square IO91MP had great activity on the band with most of the conditions going to the North and the West but unfortunately was poor towards the South and East from my location. Weather conditions were Dry with temperatures at 8-9 degrees Celsius and was really nice to see a taste of Spring in the air.

Activity this month especially up towards the North and West of the country was again fantastic especially from locator's IO80, IO81, IO82, IO83, IO92, IO93 squares, band conditions this month were again only average and was difficult at times pulling out some of the weak ones in the noise but a big thank you to all who persisted with great patience. I'm sorry that I missed a few stations on the air but hopefully I will get them in Months to come.

This month I finished the contest with a claimed score of 93 QSO's and 13 Multiplier squares and a total of 149,773 points with a total of 5 DXCC entities worked, it was really nice to catch Gerry EI9JU over in Lisfannan, Burt, Lifford, County Donegal in Ireland in IO65GA Square as my furthest DX of 572Km it was a fantastic surprise. Once again Thanks to all stations for the points and multipliers this month it was very much appreciated.

My working conditions again was the same as last month an FT847 Transceiver with 100 watts into a 5 Element Home brew Yagi up only about 18 foot from ground.

Here's a map of the QSO's in the Contest:

Looking forward to working you all again in the next UKAC contest.


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