7 Apr 2014

50MHz UKAC March 2014 Results

The following is from Roger - G4BVY

This was another record month with 192 entries and a total of 5359 QSOs. There were 303 active stations in 23 UK squares and 5 non-UK squares. Again many entrants commented that conditions were poor and many were plagued with high noise levels. Interestingly, given the increased level of activity, multiplier totals are well down on previous events. This month G3PYE/P (JO02) and G3WIR/A (IO91) worked 15 squares, M1MHZ (IO92) worked 14 squares and G4NOK (IO93) and M0GVG/P (IO83) worked 13 squares. The best tropo contact was between M0MDY (IO93) and OT6V at 449kms. In total there were only 7 tropo QSOs greater than 400kms. The adjudication saw 5.9% of QSOs disallowed with callsign errors and RS(T) errors by far the highest this month.

So looking at the table for the last three month I've managed to maintain 4th position in the restricted section out of so far 163 entries, hopefully band conditions will improve for the next contest the April 50MHz UKAC which is at 2000 local time on Tuesday 22nd April 2014.

Look forward to working you on the air in the next contest ;)


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