9 Oct 2013

UKAC 432Mhz 8th October Contest

Entered the UKAC 432Mhz Contest last night (Tuesday 8th of October) under my UK Callsign M0XII/P.
I was portable from locator IO91MP with Jason M1PRO and John G0KLX. We ended the contest with a total of 89 QSO's and 14 Square Multipliers and a total score of 189,574. The furthest contact was GM4CXM - 527Km on Flat conditions, QSB on the 70Cm band was deep at times but we really enjoyed the activity on 432Mhz.

Setup was an FT847 & 100 Watt Linear Amplifier.

The Antenna was a Tonna 21 Element Yagi and of course the good old Arm Strong Rotator.
I must say these Tonna Yagi's have a very narrow beam width but work quiet well.

Map of Qso's made during the contest from 19:00UTC - 21:30UTC

Thanks to all the stations that called through it was much appreciated and made time fly by especially when your out portable on top of a cold hill. I look forward to the next UKAC Contest hope to hear you on the bands.

Best 73's 

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