23 Oct 2013

CQ WW SSB Contest

This weekend is the SSB part of the CQ Worldwide Contest, it is a great contest with many stations all over the planet participating. I find this contest a great way to increase your Country DXCC on certain bands if your into chasing any awards etc. I hope to be on air over the weekend to give away a few points for CQ Zone 14 but I won't be active for the entire contest. All the information you need for this contest is here on the CQ WW DX website.

Here is also a list of stations to look out for that will be active over this weekend; http://www.ng3k.com/misc/adxo.html

So time to get the shack together and some antennas up and tested looking at the SFI / SSN numbers today they are looking reasonably okay nothing amazing but better than previous weeks let's hope it gets better by the weekend. I will look forward to working you on the air, enjoy the contest.

Good luck to all,

- Posted from my iPhone - 73's DE EI5IX

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