1 Nov 2011

New TV Repeater in Ireland

South Dublin Radio Club is in the process of installing a new television repeater with coverage over the greater Dublin area.

The repeater, which is located on
the three rock mountain, will transmit on 2390Mhz and
receive signal in on 1249Mhz. While not on the air yet, initial tests have proved sucessful with perfect pictures received 60 miles away at the EI2ATR Cavan
repeater site. The repeater will be linked by radio to the existing TV repeater system currently operating in Co Cavan, This repeater currently transmits on
1276.5Mhz, 2370 Mhz and 10.040Mhz and gives good
coverage of Cavan/Louth/Meath Area.

Looking forward to trying some experiments through this repeater when it's up on air.

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Anonymous said...

It's on air now. Contact South Dublin radio club to get the required equipment!