1 Nov 2011

Mayo Radio Experimenters Network

The Mayo Chairperson calls for radio enthusiasts to join
their local club.

Jimmy Kelly, EI2GCB, was re-elected Chairperson of the
Mayo Radio Experimenters, at their recent AGM. This is
Jimmys third consecutive year, and, under the club
rues, he will have to step aside at next year's AGM,
because of the three year rule. Adrian Healy, EI2HAB,
was returned as Treasurer and selected for the first
time as IRTS Club Rep. The other officers elected
were: Newsletter Editor; John Corless, EI7IQ, PRO
David Hatfield, EI3ECB, Rally Director; Padraic
Baynes, EI9JA, and QSL Manager; Brendan Minish,
EI6IZ. Addressing the meeting, the Chairperson Jimmy
Kelly, EI2GCB, said the club continues to have a
strong and vibrant membership with well attended
monthly meetings and is financially solid. He
congratulated Adrian Healy on his success in the July
theory examination. He said that everyone interested
in the hobby should join their local club; the
availability of theory classes being one of the many
benefits of membership. The club performs well in
contests, he said, including winning the portable
section of the IRTS 80mts. Counties Contest. He noted
that MREN took part in the Lighthouses on the Air
event for the first time this year, which proved a
very enjoyable event. He added that the club was
delighted to support the scouting event, JOTA, again
this year. He thanked members who called in to the
club callsign, EIMRE/P, which is used in these events.
The club organised a number of publicity and promotion
events over the summer on an experimental basis. These
were public events and he reported limited success,
adding that while they were very worthwhile
endeavours, the events themselves would need tweaking
for next year. The chairperson reminded the meeting
that the Rally would be held on November 20th this
year at it now established venue of The Welcome Inn
Hotel in Castlebar. He thanked the management and
staff of the hotel for their continued support of the
club. Jimmy also congratulated John Browne, EI7FAB,
winner of the MREN annual activity, with half a point
margin over Dominic Curtin, EI9JS, in the closest-run
club event ever. The annual activity is decided by a
cumulative tally of scores recorded in the twelve
monthly competitions held by the club for its members.

He concluded his report by thanking his fellow
officers and all the members for their attendance at
club meetings and events and their support over the
year past.

The Connor Shield (for outstanding service to hobby,)
was won jointly by Jimmy Kelly, EI2GCB and Dominic
Curtin, EI9JS and the Wishing Well Shield (for
outstanding service to the club) was won by Padraic
Baynes, EI9JA

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