18 Jun 2018

EJ0DXG - Bear Island EU121 Activation June 2018

On June 15th members of the EI DX Group (EI9FBB Dave, EI5GM Jeremy and EI5IX Pat) were all set to activate Little Saltee Island EU-103 using the 'Echo Juliet' prefix, EJ0DXG using CW, SSB and Digital modes but unfortunately due to bad weather after storm Hector's visit across the Irish Sea the seas were very rough to make a landing so as a result, we did not land on Little Saltee Island EU-103 for the weekend of June 15th - June 17th. 

Our Skipper reported 'There is too much swell out on the islands'. This was going to be a 'wet landing' and pure 'tent & generator' style operation so unfortunately it was not possible to activate the island that weekend.

Instead, we activated Bere Island EU-121 and managed to make a crossing to this Island with operations beginning Saturday 16th. This activation was in addition to the already announced activity in August on the 24/25/26th. So, you will have 2 chances to work EU-121.

Here are some pictures of our Activation:

Boat over to Bere Island EU-121 

Leaving Port Early on Saturday 16th June 

Directions to other Islands 

Bere Island EU121

Antennas for the Weekend 
(HEX Beam, 3ele on 6m, 80m Dipole & Vertical on 30m & 17m) 

Vertical on 40m

Dave EI9FBB flat out on SSB & CW

Jeremy EI5GM


Jeremy EI5GM & Pat EI5IX in the belly of CW Pileups

EI5IX Pat operating on 17m SSB

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