5 Dec 2015

RSGB VHF CW Championship 2015

This is the fourth year that this CW Championship has been running and it includes the 50MHz CW, the 70MHz CW and the 144 MHz CW contests.

The entry level for the VHF CW Championship has remained strong with 65 stations entering this year (70 in 2012, 65 in 2013, 57 in 2014). The results continue to demonstrate that CW on VHF benefits DX and local contacts under marginal conditions and with simple stations. A good crossover with many HF CW operators is also apparent.

Congratulations and certificates go to:

Open section: The Blacksheep CG in first place followed by Northampton,

Single Fixed : G3MEH operated by G3XZG in first place ,G7RAU in second place ,

Low power: G4XPE in first place, followed by G4RYV

Personally I am absolutely delighted to have won the CW Championship for 2015, There was three very tough contests this year but my sincere Thanks goes to my Team mates: Bill M0BTZ, Mike G8TIC, Nick G4FAT, Andy 2E0IBF it has been a fantastic year for the Blacksheep CG and long may it continue.

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