29 Jun 2015

RSGB 50 MHz CW Trophy Contest 2015

The RSGB 50MHz CW Trophy contest on the 28th of June at 09:00- 12:00 UTC under the Blacksheep DX & Contest Group callsign"M0BAA/P" from locator IO91MP.
Bill M0BTZ joined me up on the hill were we put together our Portable setup, FT847 with 100W and a 5 Element Tonna Yagi about 6 meters off the ground.

There was Poor conditions on the 6M band with very little Tropo propagation around and UK activity was low, Thank god for some sproadic E propagation to keep us on our toes but not as much as we would have liked, Weather was Mild but it did rain a few times which hindered rotating the mast at times as we went with the old armstrong method this time around.  We entered the Open section as it was set out for Portable stations and finished up the contest with a claimed score of 50 QSO's 9,375 Points with "YO2BBT" as our ODX of 1797Km. 

Here is a Video of Me operating during the contest:

Here is a map of our QSO's:

UPDATE - 21/07/2015

50 MHz CW 2015

This is the fourth year of the 50MHz CW contest. The number of entries has continued to decrease with only 21 entries this year. Though there were 85 UK stations active in the event.

Tropo conditions were reported as being from flat to poor to terrible. There was patchy sporadic E throughout the event though only 31 Es QSOs were completed with 12 stations in DL, EA, EA8, I, IS0, OZ, YO and YU. The best DX was between G4SGX and EA8DBM at 3098 kms and the best tropo contact was between G3ZVW and GM4PPT at 529 kms.

During the adjudication 8.3% of QSOs were disallowed and some entrants will notice large reductions in their claimed scores. Again the most common error was with RST.

Congratulations go to:
The Tiverton (SW) RC G4TSW for winning the Open section.
Steve G3ZVW for winning the SF section.
The other certificate winners who are identified in the results tables.

This contest is the second leg of the 2015 VHF CW Championship. G4TSW maintain their lead followed by M0BAA/P.
Roger - G4BVY

Thanks to Roger for adjuciating this contest and to all that gave us points during the contest delighted to come in 2nd place, look forward to the next contest, 73 - Pat EI5IX / M0XII

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