30 Mar 2015

CQ WPX Contest, March 28th & 29th 2015

The following summary is from Jim M0CKE:

Call: G2F


Station: G2F

Class: M/S HP

QTH: Wisbech
Operating Time (hrs): 48 
Location: Northern Europe

Total:3464Prefixes1311Total Score10,524,708

Our first attempt @ MS in WPX SSB, and the interlocking is entertaining to say the least. Friday got off to a bad start with the winch break failing on the main 26m tower when it was at about 18m @ 0730 hours, result was an injured operator and a 20m beam which was in tatters, elements and boom badly bent, after op repairs, tower repairs, winch repairs and a rebuild of the 20m beam we were in a position to start putting the radios etc together @ 1500 hrs .. I tell you this was no mean feat and required huge dedication from the engineering team (M0CKE and M0CHK, M0CHK being the injured party)!!! Our station is ad hoc and has to be set up before every large contest, this will soon change with a new shack build planned. So we were setup and ready to test @ 2100 hrs and testing commenced with no real issues so on to the start we went. LF were very poor Sat am with most of our Q's coming from 20m runs into the US during our dark hours, Saturday day conditions were reasonable but 10m never really got going with the main operations on 15 and 20m, Saturday night was better on 40m and 80m but 80m was still very poor and 160m was hardly worth the effort, Sunday morning daylight hours were hard going with no real Asia runs and conditions seemed very poor, finally Sunday afternoon the HF bands opened to NA and the runs began with good runs on 15m and 20m but 10 was still not great. We all had a great time on the contest, WX during the weekend was very windy with gusts upto 100km/h during Sunday but the antenna's all held position nicely. Good food and good company as usual make for good contests. Our aim was 10m points and 3500 Q's so we were not far off and the team was happy with the result for the first attempt .. lots to learn and some modifications to be made before next year SSB WPX :) See you all soon 
Jim M0CKE & the clan @ G2F

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