25 Feb 2014

M0XII/P - UKAC 50Mhz Contest - February

February's UKAC 50Mhz Contest in locator square IO91MP was not great to be honest out portable, band conditions were below average and were a lot worse than last month in IO91 square, heavy QSB and lot's of weird noises were coming and going on the band which made life difficult pulling out the weak ones in the noise but a big thank you to all who persisted with great patience. Activity from a few regular squares seemed down compared to last month but I did notice that this month there was some fantastic activity from locator's IO81, IO82, IO83 & IO93 squares, conditions seemed to be a lot more favourable around these squares in the middle of the UK with regards to activity on 50Mhz band.

It was nice to speak again with Richard GD8EXI in IO74PC square who was my furthest DX with a distance of 371KM via ground wave propagation, same as last month although his signal was a small bit down compared to January's results. I finished the contest with a claimed score of 69,498 points with a total of 77 QSO's and only 9 Multipliers this month. My working conditions was the same as last month an FT847 Transceiver with 100 watts into a 5 Element Home brew Yagi up only 10 foot. 

Here is a map of the contacts made in the contest from 20:00 UTC till 22:30 UTC 

Again thank you to all who gave away points during the contest and I do look forward to working you again in the next UKAC contest. 


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