14 Jan 2014

January 432MHz UKAC Contest M0XII/P

Arrived at Locator IO91MP slightly later than usual which meant I missed the beginning of the Contest at 20:00 UTC. Weather conditions out portable was absolutely dreadful, rain pouring down and wind blowing us all over the place, we finally managed to get the 19 Element Tonna up in the air and the Yaesu FT847 setup and running at 20:20 UTC where we used my call-sign portable "M0XII/P". I was going to use the 100W amplifier but during the setup of the station I realised that I forgot to bring the patch lead from the Amplifier to the Radio so that idea was out the window and had to revert to plan B of running 50W from the rig, better than no watts at all in my opinion.  

Activity was down on the 70cm band compared to recent months and conditions were very very poor with deep QSB in our location, I managed to obtain in the Log 51 contacts and 12 multipliers from 20:20 UTC > 22:30 UTC. It was really nice to see a few new stations pop up on the 70cm band, I look forward to working them again in the future hopefully when band conditions are a lot better.

Thanks to all for the points and I hope to see you in the next UKAC Contest.



A map view of my Contest QSO's

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