13 Jun 2012

Ofcom Wireless Telegraphy Regulations 2012 Statement

Ofcom has published a statement on its decision to make the Wireless Telegraphy Regulations 2012 control interference from apparatus during the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

The report notes that the BBC and the RSGB both also expressed the view that the Proposed Regulations should be extended to address undue interference with wireless telegraphy used for purposes other than public safety.

One responder to the consultation pointed out that “..... the powers that are conferred under these proposed regulations to prevent harmful interference should not be limited either geographically, or in time, this legislation is needed to generally protect radiocommunications, and not just for the period of the Games. This is because the level of electromagnetic pollution is steadily rising, even from devices meeting the requirements of Harmonised EMC standards.”

Another responder said that “if the existing EMC regulations laid down in European law are policed correctly 24/7, then none of this would be necessary.”

The statement, Decision to make the Wireless Telegraphy (Control of Interference from Apparatus) (the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games) Regulations 2012, can be found here.

Full PDF document

RSGB response to consultation on proposed Wireless Telegraphy Act Regulations 2012

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