30 Mar 2012

Revised DXCC Fee Structure

Listeners who are involved in the DXCC programme will
be aware that there have been a number of
administrative difficulties with the programme in
recent months. In particular, there have been delays in
processing applications for DXCC credits at certain
times, for example after major contests and

In an effort to overcome these difficulties in the
future, ARRL has announced a new fee structure for
DXCC applications, one of the aims of the new
structure being to encourage frequent smaller
applications for DXCC credits. To achieve this, the
premium charged for second and subsequent applications
in each year will be dropped.

Later this year, ARRL plans to have an online system
for QSL card applications in place: while the cards
will still need to be checked by a field checker, it
will be possible to generate online the application
form to be submitted to the field checker; this, of
course, will greatly speed up the eventual processing
of the application, as the DXCC staff will not have to
perform the data entry.

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